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African Evangelistic Enterprise, Kenya (AEE, Kenya) carried out a very successful stratified mission campaign in Embu town in 1987.  Embu Town was at that time the provincial headquarters for vast Eastern Province. After this city wide mission, the local churches did a tremendous job in follow up and discipleship and most local churches registered a significant numerical growth due to the new believers who were joining the churches after the mission. Moreover, most of the local churches who participated in this mission maintained a special passion and focus for evangelistic outreaches within and without the Embu town and this resulted to even greater ministry impact in the town.

The local clergy subsequently felt a need to form an impartial entity to help sustain the evangelistic momentum and a common purpose that had been established among the local churches during the mission period. The local clergy and Christian professionals who had participated in the mission therefore appealed to African Evangelistic Enterprise, Kenya to set up a field office in Embu town with a view of helping the various local churches sustain and proliferate the evangelistic vision through joint stratified mission campaigns, and community transformation interventions that had been achieved during the 1987 mission. Their sustained requests and prodding culminated to the establishment African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya Embu Mission office that operates under the oversight of African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya in Nairobi.

By God’s grace the AEE Embu Mission Office in partnership with the main office in Nairobi has continued to reach out to the larger Eastern province in Word & Deed in partnership with local churches through the following;

þ  Evangelistic stratified mission outreaches in neighboring and far sprung towns within the province.

þ  Monthly revival meetings.

þ  Weekly school and college ministry.

þ  Local clergy, women, youth, business, leaders, and professionals’ Forums.

þ  Community Transformation interventions through education support for needy students, HIV & AIDS nutritional support, and women empowerment.

þ  Mobilizing Embu churches to participate in African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya annual mission campaigns.

African Evangelistic Enterprise Embu Mission Office is managed by a team of committed professionals under the oversight of a Board comprised of local clergy, business, and professional men and women of high moral standing in society. All the activities of African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya Embu Mission are financed and supported by the local churches, individuals and institutions.  On 20th October 2012, the entire African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya, friends, and partners celebrated the Silver Jubilee of AEE Embu Mission in a colorful ceremony at Embu University College in Embu Town.

The celebration of 25 years of great success and impart was crowned with the sharing of the Word by Dr. Gerishon Mwiti, former Team Leader of African Evangelistic Enterprise, Kenya and currently the CEO of Leadership Institute of Kenya. The joyous celebration culminated with the cutting of a beautiful cake amid song and dance with gratitude to God for His faithfulness thus far.





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(a). Korogocho Sanitation Improvement Project Beneficiaries Testimony:

Ms. Esther Maithya (Single parent of 5 children).

Esther Maithya leaves with her 5 children in their humble home constructed with old, rusty and torn iron sheets in Nairobi’s Korogocho slums. This slum suffers for lack of poor sanitation and many families bear the brunt of various infectious diseases due to poor human waste management and therefore this slum is infamously popular for “flying toilets” home. African Enterprise Kenya with support from our partners has been striving to improve the sanitation by constructing decent shared toilets in this community. Esther is one of our many beneficiaries and this is her verbatim testimony.

“On behalf of my family and my neighbors in Korogocho Community we are very happy for what African Enterprise, Kenya has done for us. Since 1984 we have not had a toilet near our house and we were forced either to use polythene bags or walk to the neighboring school’s toilet which is quite a distance and therefore very risky at night. Having a clean permanent toilet is a miracle and an answered prayer not only to my family but also to the other 16 families/households that live within this and the adjacent plots. May God bless African Evangelistic Enterprise for coming to our rescue. This toilet will also serve as a bathroom for us and we will ensure the toilet is kept clean at all times. This latrine will help improve hygiene in our neighborhood and God willing diseases such as typhoid or risk being attacked while walking to a distant toilet will no longer worry us”.

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After many months of planning, praying and fasting in preparation for the Karatina mission,the time finally came. Thursday 21st June 2012 was the arrival day for the missioners. One by one they came to the mission base expecting a great harvest. On this day about 135 missioners from diverse churches, localities and nationalities were registered.

Registration of missioners

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Karatina Mission

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Pastors’ And Church Leaders Training Report

Compiled by Edward Mungai


The training was held from 14th – 16th March 2012 at the Gospel Outreach Church in Karatina town. The target was to get about 100 participants from about 30 Churches within the Municipality of Karatina town. In essence the training was aimed at impacting the Churches in Karatina in preparation to the annual mission and enhancing effectiveness in the Church leadership. It also provided a platform to share the vision of the Karatina mission 2012 to the  leaders of the specific churches thus enhancing capacity building and support which would extend the mission operation basis.

 The Pastors present during the Karatina Pastors’ Breakfast

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The Karatina Mission 2012 Update

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The Karatina Mission 2012 is in its initial stages. We are very happy for the progress so far in ensuring that all the plans are implemented within the required and efficient timeframe. Having conducted the ground breaking visits to Karatina town last year in November, there is a clear evidence of the great expectations of the Churches as about 20 Pastors from different Churches attended the meeting. The Churches positively received the vision of the Karatina Mission 2012 and assured the AE-K mission team of great support in all levels of the mission.

Rev. Shikuku Missions Coordinator AE-K explaining the roles of various committees

Rev. Shikuku Missions Coordinator AE-K explaining the roles of various committees

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Thursday 30th July
The missioners started arriving on Thursday 30th June at 4.00 p.m. at the Emanuel Worship Centre Mission Centre. They were registered and distributed to their local hosts for accommodation.
Janet the Accountant was registration the missioners on 1st Day
Friday – 1st July
Morning Devotion
We started off with morning devotion led by the Kilifi Mission 2011 Chairman Rev. Jembe Lewa. He shared from Ephesians 4:11 – “It was He who gave some to be apostles. Prophets, evangelists, and some to be pastors & teachers to prepare God’s people for work of service so that the body of Christ may be built up…” however, we are all gifted differently but are members of the same body. Read more »